Construction NVQs

We are an Edexcel accredited centre for delivery of construction based NVQs. All of our NVQs are recognised by CSCS, and will allow you to apply for the following cards:

  • Blue Operatives CSCS Card (via level 2 trade NVQs)
  • Gold Supervisors CSCS Card (via level 3 supervisors NVQs)
  • Black Managers CSCS Card (via level 6 managers NVQs)

Our NVQs are assessed via the On Site Assessment and Training route. Unlike apprenticeships, there is no classroom work, and the qualifications can be completed in as little as 3 months in some cases.

In most cases, the NVQ is assessed completely on site with the assessor observing and assessing the candidate carrying out their day-to-day work. This means there is minimum down-time for the candidate.

As well as getting the relevant CSCS card, enrolling your staff on construction based NVQs helps to :

  • Show a commitment to staff development
  • Engage and motivate staff
  • Encourage personal development

We deliver the following NVQs :

Level 6 (Manager)

  • Construction Site Management

Level 3 (Supervisor)

  • Occupational Work Supervision
  • Construction Site Supervision

Level 2 (Trade)