NVQ – Level 2 – Wood Occupations

Venue: To suit Candidate


National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) are developed and approved by people who work in the industry and are designed to measure a worker’s practical skills and job knowledge by assessing their work on-site. This makes them ideal for both workers and employers alike – helping experienced workers prove their skills, and giving employers the reassurance they need that workers can do the job.

Outline programme

The qualification will require candidates to cover all the following mandatory units, plus the required units from the optional route of their choice:

Mandatory Units:

  • Conform to General Workplace Safety
    • Awareness of relevant statutory requirements and guidelines
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and warning/safety signs
    • Personal behaviour in the workplace
    • Security in the workplace
  • Conform to Efficient Work Practices
    • Interpreting Information
    • Planning and carry out productive, efficient working practices
    • Working with others or as an individual
  • Move and Handle Resources
    • Follow Instructions
    • Adopting safe and healthy working practices
    • Selecting materials, components and equipment
    • Handling, moving and storage of materials and components by manual procedures and lifting aids


Optional Routes:

  • Site Carpentry option (any Three Units from the following)
    • Install first Fixing Components
    • Install Second Fixing Components
    • Erect Structural Carcassing Components
    • Maintain Non-structural Carpentry Work
    • Set up and use Circular Saws


  • Bench Joinery option (any Two Units from the following)
    • Set up and use Circular Saws
    • Produce Setting Out Details for Routine Products
    • Mark Out from Setting Out Details for Routine Products
    • Manufacture Routine Products