Painting & Decorating NVQ

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) are developed and approved by people who work in the industry and are designed to measure a worker’s practical skills and job knowledge by assessing their work on-site. This makes them ideal for both workers and employers alike – helping experienced workers prove their skills, and giving employers the reassurance they need that workers can do the job.

Conform to General Workplace Safety

  • Awareness of relevant statutory requirements and guidelines
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and warning/safety signs
  • Personal behaviour in the workplace
  • Security in the workplace

Conform to Efficient Work Practices

  • Interpreting Information
  • Planning and carry out productive, efficient working practices
  • Working with others or as an individual

Move and Handle Resources

  • Follow Instructions
  • Adopting safe and healthy working practices
  • Selecting materials, components and equipment
  • Handling, moving and storage of materials and components by manual procedures and lifting aids

Erect and Dismantle Access/Working platforms

  • Deciding upon the appropriate access/working platform needed to carry out various types of painting/decorating work, up to 2 metres high
  • Erecting, checking for safety, then dismantling and storing of various access equipment on completion of a job.
  • Demonstration of compliance with current legislation.

Prepare Surfaces for Painting/Decorating

Apply Paint Systems by Brush and Roller