Risk Assessment Templates

keep-calm-and-do-a-risk-assessment-1Risk assessments – you’ve got to do them, but where do you start?

Well, a good place to start is with the HSE’s “Five Steps to Risk Assessment“.

When you read it, you’ll realise that it’s actually pretty simple – exactly how it should be. After all, risk assessment is part of human nature anyway – we’re always weighting up the risks involved in things we do, from crossing the road to jumping off a bridge on a bungie rope…

It’s the writing-it-down part that’s the difficult bit for most people.

Well hopefully, we can help you out on the road to writing a good risk assessment. We’ve got a set of three risk assessment templates for you to download for free.

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The first is our standard risk assessment template. It’s simple enough to use, and comes as a plain word document that’s easy to edit. We’ve included an example in the document for reference.

As you add more hazards, just add more rows on.

The second risk assessment template is more of a checklist. It captures the main information about the site and the task, then prompts you to think about a number of common workplace hazards.

This one can be used with the above. For each item you identify in the checklist, record your detailed findings in our standard risk assessment template. If you don’t fancy doing that much work, you can buy one of our generic risk assessments to bridge the gap.

Just remember, the list we provide isn’t exhaustive, and you may need to add extra bits to it to make sure everything is covered – we’ve only included the most common workplace hazards, and wouldn’t recommend using it on a construction site or in a garage.

The last of our templates is a sample from our Safety First system. These risk assessments are really easy to create, and Safety First comes with a comprehensive library of risk assessments already built for you – the one you need is probably already there waiting, along with all the other H&S documentation that’s been giving you headaches and sleepless nights. If you’re looking for something specific, contact us and we can let you know if Safety First can help.

No need to mess around with tables and rows in Word any more – adding, editing and removing hazards is really easy and it will even remind you when you need to review the documents to keep them up to date (it’s really good at putting the HSE’s “Five-steps” into action).


Find out more about Safety First here