CSCS Cards

CSCS card is construction industry recognised


Getting a CSCS card in Cornwall

If you’re looking for the 1 day CITB H&S course in Cornwall, you can book it here.

If you already have an NVQ or apprenticeship in a construction based occupation, you can apply for a CSCS card after you have completed the appropriate H&S touch screen test. Use the CSCS card finder to find out what you need to do.

Otherwise, you could apply for a green labourers CSCS card…

Getting the green labourers CSCS card in Cornwall

To get a green CSCS card in Cornwall, you need to have done the 1 day CITB H&S awareness course at our training centre near Redruth (book the CSCS course in Cornwall here), and complete the HS&E touch screen test (in Truro or Penzance). Once you have done this, you can apply for your green card over the phone.

We provide the 1 day CITB H&S course in Cornwall, at our training centre in United Downs, just outside Redruth. Our training centre is easy to get to from the A30, and is within a short travelling distance of Truro, Redruth, Camborne, Newquay, Helston, Penzance and St Austell.

Need more help getting your CSCS card in Cornwall?

If you’re confused by the CSCS application process, you’re not the only one!

There 100s of different cards and qualifications available, and many different versions of the CITB H&S test to choose from, so getting the card that’s right for you isn’t easy.

We can help…

We will

  • Speak with you to help decide which card is right for you based on your occupation, previous experience and qualifications.
  • If you are applying for a green labourers card, we will book you on the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course.
  • Book you on to the right CITB H&S test to get your chosen card.
  • Order you the right revision book for your test.
  • Gather together any additional evidence required for your application (such as proof of qualifications).
  • Apply for your card and deal with any queries from CSCS.