Reviewed January 2018

Aims of this policy
We aim to provide equal opportunities for all without discrimination on the grounds of:

• race, ethnic origin, skin colour or nationality
 religious or political beliefs and affiliations
• sex or sexual orientation
• marital status
• age
• disability
• membership or non-membership of a trade union.

We aim to ensure that no stakeholder (employee or learner), receives less favourable treatment on the above grounds or is disadvantaged by requirements or conditions which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

We respect the dignity of individuals and their beliefs.

We do not tolerate any racial, sexual, physical, mental harassment or bullying in the workplace, or at functions connected with the workplace.

We accept anyone’s right to join a trade union or staff association and we will consult and negotiate with any such body that is formally recognised.


Everyone has a strict obligation to:

• respect and act in accordance with this policy
• treat fellow staff members with respect and dignity
• ensure that their own behaviour does not cause offence or distress
• report any incident or behaviour which contravenes this policy and not indirectly support unfair treatment by ignoring what is happening around them.

Clear procedures exist which give a number of choices for pursuing complaints, both formally and informally.

In addition, those who manage staff or tutor courses are responsible for:

• ensuring that the policy is fairly and consistently applied in all areas under their control
• eliminating any unfair practices of which they are aware, whether or not a complaint has been made
• promoting an environment in which people feel comfortable in reporting incidents which are causing them concern
• reacting quickly to complaints, investigating them objectively and thoroughly and taking any required action promptly
• advising HR as soon as a formal complaint has been made.

Any behaviour which contravenes this policy will be viewed very seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal in appropriate cases.