Face Fit Testing

Please note, we are currently unable to provide face fit testing due to a shortage of testing solution

Have you already booked your face fit test? Please click here for more important information on, and how to prepare for your face fit test.   We carry out Face Fit Testing in Cornwall, and can offer you a range of services to cater for your needs including:
  • Simple Face Fit Test of a mask on a member of staff – from £35+vat per person. This includes a qualitative face fit test and a 15 minute talk on correct use and wearing of the mask to ensure an effective fit. This will also cover the manufacturer’s instructions for your chosen mask so please ensure that they are available on the day of the test.
  • Mask and Fit Test package – from £60+vat per person – we provide an approved mask, fit test it on staff, and provide replacement masks / cartridges as required.
  • Usage analysis – we’ll check that you’re using the most cost effective type of mask based on your usage patterns.
  • Inspection and maintenance of masks – a short talk on how to inspect and maintain your mask, including an on-the-spot inspection of your current mask for defects. This also includes record keeping requirements. This is for re-usable rubber / silicone masks with filters attached.
  Fit Test Preparation and Requirements:
  • Each test takes approximately 30 minutes, however we can batch people together for a slightly faster turn-around. Please discuss this with us in advance.
  • People to be face fit tested should arrive on-time for their allocated time slot.
  • People to be face fit tested should be clean shaven.
  • People to be face fit tested should not eat or drink anything other than water for 30 minutes before the test.
  • You will need to provide respirators to be tested on the individuals, unless agreed otherwise. Respirators must be FFP3 (disposable) or P3 (filters) rated, and half-mask covering only the nose and mouth. If you use disposable masks, these should be new and still in original packaging. If they are rubber or silicone reusable masks, they must be clean and maintained, and in good working order with P3 filters fitted.
  • People to be face-fit tested should bring with them any additional PPE that may affect the fit of the respirator. This may include safety goggles for example.
  • You will need to confirm that people to be face fit tested are physically fit to wear a respirator and carry out the test. Conditions such as heart or lung disorders may mean that they are unable to safely wear a mask, and neck / back injuries may prevent them from carrying out the required exercises (turning and lifting the head, bending over)
  Frequently asked questions:
  • How long does the face fit test take?
    • Each test takes approximately 30 minutes, however we can batch tests for a faster turn-around.
  • What does the face fit test consist of?
    • The face fit test consists of the user wearing their selected mask and a hood. We spray a mist into the hood while the used carries out a number of exercises like turning their head, talking, bending over etc. If the user tastes the mist, the test fails, otherwise it’s a pass.
  • How does the face fit test work?
    • We use a “nebuliser” to create a fine mist inside a hood that covers the mask-wearer’s head. The mist has a very strong taste, and the particles are large enough for the filters in the mask to filter out. If the seal on the mask is working effectively, the user should not be able to taste the mist during the test.
  • Does anyone fail the face fit test?
    • People can fail the face fit test, although this is very rare. If they do fail, we will ask the user to take a short break of about 30 minutes to an hour, then retest them on the same mask again. If they fail twice, we will assist them to select a suitable alternative respirator from a small selection of masks that we carry with us, and retest again with this one.
  • What equipment / facilities do I need to provide?
    • We will need a quiet, dedicated room for the duration of the test. We will also need you to provide your own respirators unless agreed otherwise.
  • I have a beard / stubble – can I take the face fit test?
    • No. Anyone attending who is not clean shaven will not be tested. All mask manufacturer’s specify in the instruction that the user must be clean shaven, and we must follow this. The likelihood is that you will fail the test anyway if you are not clean shaven.
  • Do I get a certificate of proof of testing?
    • Yes. We will give you a certificate on the day of the test if you pass. It will specify that the test was passed for a specific person wearing a specific mask.
  • If I pass the face fit test on one mask, can I wear another one and still be OK?
    • No. The face fit test is specific to one person wearing one model / make of mask. If you wear different masks as part of your work, you will need to be tested separately on each one. However, by using a re-usable rubber / silicone mask that take cartridges, you can swap the filters depending on your requirement, but still use the same mask – so you would only need one face fit test.
  • How often do I need to do the face fit test?
    • The general recommendation is that respirators are face fit tested on a yearly basis. However, if for any reason the user changes the type / make / model of the mask that they wear for any reason, the face fit test will need to be carried out again using the new respirator.