Store Safety First Files in Dropbox

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Before you can do this, you need to have dropbox installed on your computer and signed in. See the website below to do this:

Once this is done, you will have a dropbox folder on your in computer files:

You will also need to sign into Safety First.

In Safety First, navigate to the document you want to save to dropbox (We’re showing method statements here) and click the green PDF button on the right.

This will open a new window showing the document you picked. Now click the download button to save it.

This will take you to your files, and you can now navigate to your dropbox folder.

Select the folder you want to save it to, name the file and click save.

If you put the file in a folder you already shared using these instructions, it will automatically be available to anyone with the link.

Otherwise, you can use the dropbox app on your phone, or computer to share the file using a link.

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