Creating a method statement

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Get started by logging in to Safety First.

From your home screen, click “Method Statements”

You will now see a list of method statements. These are ones that you have done before, or they have been pre-loaded for you.

When we create a method statement, we generally just modify an existing one to what we need, or just reuse it as it is (it’s like making another copy of it to work on).

To find a method statement to start with, click “Search”.

On the search form, fill in the boxes to search by. You can use a previous project, or use the “description” box to search by task.

Then click “Search” at the bottom.

The list will be filtered to those method statements that match your specifications.

Find the document you want to use, and click the light blue “Use as Template” button.

You now review your method statement before printing it.

Complete the project details, and click “Next Stage”

Select the standard safety statements and click “Next Stage”.

Now add the tasks to the method statement. Filter the list using the search box (1), select the task (2) and click “Add to Document” (3). Your task will appear in the Selected Tasks Box (4). Once you have added them all, click “Finish Method Statement” (5).

You will now see a screen where you can print or send your method statement.

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