Introduction; Copy

As a response organisation we have some important factors that need to be in place to ensure the efficiency and safety of our members. The following are some of the main points we strive to achieve, this list is not exhaustive.

  • Ability to contact members; depending on the tasking this can be individually, grouped for an area call out, or full alert for an all member standby.
  • Know which members are available at any given time, and with the tracking side of the App know where they are.
  • Get information such as addresses and contact numbers to deployed members, and know its been delivered.
  • Track member involvement, available ready times and ETA times.
  • Track members at all times whilst deployed, this also covers the Groups duty of care for lone workers.
  • Know the various stages of the tasking; i.e. at RV, Completed, Home, and include mileage to reduce the burden of future claims.

The control system has a companion App called Longbow Messenger, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Check your operating system for compatibility.

This is part of the Groups preferred method of deployment and contact. If you have any difficulties in downloading and setting up the App please contact the Control Officer for assistance.