Method Statements

We regularly help our clients to create suitable method statements for the tasks that they carry out.

A method statement provides step by step instructions to carry out a job safety.

Our method statements are focused on the health and safety aspects of the job, rather than actually how to do it. For example, a method statement will outline how to:

  • Secure the work area from unauthorised access
  • Move plant and equipment to the work location (manual handling).
  • Select appropriately qualified operatives and supervisors to carry out the work.
  • Protect the public and others nearby.
  • Deal with emergency siruations.
  • Select appropriate equipment and methods to do the job.
  • Carry out work at height, and what equipment to use.
  • Ensure that work equipment has been inspected and maintained.

Our method statements will not describe how to paint a wall… We won’t say “pick up a 4 inch paint brush, dip the brush in the paint…”, unless it has a specific requirement to ensure the health and safety of those carrying out the task.

We help our clients write specific method statements for the tasks that they carry out.

All method statements are emailed in MS word format.

Method statements generally cost about £25+vat each, depending on the complexity of the task.

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