Paslode Nailer Safety

When using the tool, never point it at yourself or anyone else. If the operator has to move, the gun must be pointed downwards, taking one’s finger off the trigger.

The tool must be used in a well-ventilated place. The inhalation of burnt exhaust gas (carbon monoxide) is a danger to health. Keep the tool away from heat sources as the gas cartridge could be damaged.

Do not smoke when handling the gas cartridge, Keep the metering valve orifice away from your face and eyes. Do not inhale its contents.

Only use the tool for the nailing applications for which it was designed by the manufacturer.

At the moment of firing, the operator must be in a stable position, holding the tool as far as possible at right angles to the base material.

The operator must ensure that there is no-one in the immediate vicinity of the firing area. Check the work place and environment.

If a firing malfunction occurs, keep the tool on the work surface and fire again. If there is another failure, remove the battery immediately and examine the tool. If several incidents occur, inform the manufacturer.

When using the tool, the operator and the people around him must wear appropriate individual protection: goggles, safety helmet and ear protectors, etc.

Never operate the tool resting on the flat of the hand. The nailer must be operated only when it is in contact with the material to be fixed. For thin parts to be fixed, make sure that the tool is correctly adjusted and position it so that the fastener is aimed towards the base wood.

The temperature of the burnt gases and of the tool may increase depending on firing frequency. Observe the use rates given on the data sheets and use gloves to avoid contact with the hot parts of the tool.

The condition of the tool must be checked at least once a year by the manufacturer or his authorized agent. We recommend that you carry out regular maintenance (cleaning and greasing) so as to keep the tool in perfect operating condition.

It is prohibited to make any modification to the tool, gas cartridge or battery other than those specified by the manufacturer.