Safety Instructions – Cut-off Saws Part 1

Before going through this course, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the machine you will be using by asking a competent person show you the machine. You could also watch them using it for a common tasks within your work sector, such as cutting asphalt for roadworkers or cutting a block for brick layers.

This course is based on the manufacturer’s instructions for various cut-off saws. You will need to familiarize yourself with the specific manufacturer’s instructions for your machine before use.The cutting wheel rotates at very high speed and can easily cause severe injury so it is important that you read and understand the user manual before use. Failure to follow instructions may result in severe injury.

Ensure a competent person shows you how to operate the machine safely.

Children under 16 must not use the machine. Inexperienced users must be supervised.

Children, animals and bystanders must not be allowed near the machine.Ensure the machine is stored safely when not in use. This includes when laying the machine down between uses.

Always consider how use of the machine could cause injury or damage to other people or property.

Anyone using the machine must read the user manual and be well rested, in good physical health and good mental condition.

Use of the machine could aggravate existing medical conditions. If you have existing health conditions, check with your doctor before use.

The ignition system can interfere with some pacemakers. If you have a pacemaker, consult your doctor.Do not operate the machine under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Bad weather conditions increases the risk of accidents. Do not operate the machine in bad conditions such as snow, ice or high winds.The machine may only be used cutting as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use the machine as a lever or shovel

The machine is not suitable for cutting wood. Do not use circular saw blades with the machine as they can snag and cause kickback.

Do not cut asbestos products with the machine.

You must not modify the machine in any way as this increases the risk of injury.

Do not use a pressure washer to clean the machine.

Do not spray the machine with water.

The following PPE is required when using the machine:

Clothing that is close fitting but allows free movement. Baggy clothing, hair, neck ties, jewelry, scarfs etc. could become entangled in the blade and cause serious injury.

When cutting steel wear suitable flame resistant clothing, and ensure it is free of contamination which may be flammable such as oil or fuel.

Steel-toed safety boots with non-slip soles.

Close fitting safety glasses to protect eyes. Safety glasses must also be resistant to high-speed particles.

Suitable P3 rated respirator when cutting stone or concrete.

Suitable hearing protection.

Sturdy protective gloves made of leather or similar.

Any additional PPE as required by the site or the work environment.

Turn off the machine before transporting.

Carry the machine by the handlebar with the wheel pointing to the rear and with the hot muffler away from the body. Avoid touching hot parts such as the surface of the muffler.