Downloading and Registering the App Copy

The ‘Longbow Messenger’ App can be download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and installed on your smartphone in the normal way you install Apps.

Please note that you will need to change the settings on your phone to give Longbow Messenger permission to:

  • Send you notifications (Alerts)
  • Refresh itself in the background (Background App Refresh)
  • Access your phones location services (GPS).

Note; You can only install on ONE device;

Once installed, Longbow Messenger will need to be registered with the system. The following page details how to complete this yourself. Once you have registered the Longbow Messenger App, please email the control manager so that they can confirm it is working.

Update Regularly; You must make sure you have the latest version of the Longbow Messenger App installed on your smartphone. Older versions may not work correctly with the system when upgrades are made.

If you change your phone or your phone number, please advise the membership secretary who will update the system and advise the control manager. Once you have been advised that your details have been updated on the system, you will need to re-register the Longbow Messenger App.

Go to next section for step by step guide on how to Register the App;