Evacuation procedure including safe routes

Every non-domestic premisses MUST have;

  • Adequate evacuation procedures.
  • Fire Marshalls/Wardens to assist and take control.
  • Safe means of escape.
  • Safe routes, with alternative routes if identified in the fire risk assessment.
  • Designated, safe places, assembly points.
  • Arrangement for disabled persons such as wheel chairs, blind persons.

Staff MUST be trained to;

  • Follow designated procedures.
  • Follow instructions from the Fire Marshalls or other authorised person.
  • Know and follow the designated escape routes.
  • Remain as calm as possible; do not panic, avoid running.
  • Raise the alarm.
  • Do NOT open doors if smoke is seen coming under the door or the door is warm/hot to the touch.
  • Assist others if necessary, especially disabled persons, or persons unfamiliar to the premisses.