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When working with asbestos, there is not only a risk that the person doing the work will breathe in fibres, but also others could be exposed if proper precautions are not taken to decontaminate clothing and equipment, and clean the area. It is therefore highly important that only competent people work with asbestos.

Licensed Work.

Friable asbestos products such as sprayed on coatings and pipe lagging can only be removed by contractors who hold a license from the HSE. This type of work is very high risk, and requires a significant amount of information, instruction, training and monitoring to be in place if it is to be carried out safely.

Non-Licensed Asbestos Work.

Work with non-friable types of asbestos such as asbestos cement products does not require a license from the HSE. However, it is still important that appropriate information, instruction, training and monitoring is in place to ensure it is carried out safely.

Notifiable Non-Licensed Asbestos Work.

This is work with non-friable asbestos products that are in a poor condition, or where large areas need to be worked on. In this case, the HSE must be notified in advance of the work.

Asbestos Awareness Training.

This course only provides an awareness of where you may find asbestos in order to help protect you, your workmates and your family. It is not suitable for carrying out work on asbestos.