Method Statement for Towing or Assisting Vehicles

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The following Method Statement is aimed at providing you with the knowledge required for short distance towing of other vehicles, especially in challenging conditions such as snow.

We have identified two snow scenarios; we do not envisage any long-distance towing. But the following principles can be used for any such situation. The following activities are likely to be on main/trunk roads which will be a priority in any such event.

  1. Vehicles blocking the road restricting access for emergency vehicles and gritters; this will involve towing for the shortest distance possible to get the vehicle to a safe position, usually lane one or the hard shoulder.
  2. At least one lane clear and traffic able to move under own traction; vehicles usually stuck and unable to get back onto the usable part of the road. Wait until the road has been gritted and good traction is possible. Tow the vehicle for the shortest distance to enable it to proceed under its own traction.

Please note; it’s a bit pointless to spend time and resources getting a vehicle moving if they are likely to get stuck again within a short distance. Wait until the road has been gritted and reasonable traction is available.

DO NOT TOW abandoned vehicles unless specifically instructed by a police officer.

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