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Here’s a few questions from Corporate and Professional Standing section of ConstructionLine that might catch you out, as you have to answer “yes” to them for your assessment to go through. However, if you are a small company, you don’t have to do much… this post is for you.

Have you carried out a Data Protection Impact Assessment to establish what measures you need to take to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018, including measures to ensure compliance with EU Data Protection Laws for any personal data that is shared outside the European Economic Area?

This isn’t really applicable to small construction companies who operate only in the UK and store minimal personal data. What they do store is generally for employment purposes.

You can find examples of a data register and statement that you can use on ConstructionLine here:

Do you have a Data Protection Officer or someone responsible for data protection?

This just needs to be a named person, and include their details in your company handbook or on your noticeboard.

Do you carry out data protection training for staff?

This is a good thing to do, and at least 1 person form the office should do it…

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